to 12:00PM

Open Source & Open Data presented by Phase2 Technology

Open Data can release the power of government into the hands of the people, but will also present new challenges as we develop standards to share and and system to manipulate this data. The Open Government Initiative can look to existing data formats, such as XBLR and KML (and the toolstacks that support them), to see how to proceed. Learn what open source communities have done to foster effective open data strategies at the federal level, and explore the opportunities and possibilities that open technologies can create to build platforms for heightened citizen engagement. Join Phase2 Technology,  Development Seed, Sunlight Foundation, and USAID as they discuss the real impact of technology for making Open Data accessible and usable.

  • Jeff Walpole, CEO, Phase2 Technology
  • Alex Barth, Developer + Strategist, Development Seed
  • Tom Lee, Director of Sunlight Labs, Sunlight Foundation
  • Haley Van Dyck, Director for Digital Strategy and Engagement, USAID
  • Bryan Sivak, Chief Innovation Officer for the State of Maryland




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